About SkinPlan

About SkinPlan

SkinPlan is a groundbreaking skincare programme.

Achieve perfect skin with these three steps


The first step is to analyze your skin. This provides you and us with a better understanding of the current condition of your skin. The skin analysis is performed quickly here on our website.

Skin analysis


Straight after the analysis, you will receive a report on the condition of your skin and which of SkinPlan’s skincare products your skin needs.

Skin conditions


After you have used SkinPlan for 3 weeks, it is time to perform a new skin analysis. We send this to you with the delivery of your SkinPlan order. The analysis will show how SkinPlan has improved your skin’s barrier function. You will also be able to see and feel the difference that SkinPlan is making.

The skin’s barrier function – what is it?

The most important factor for healthy and well-functioning skin is maintaining the skin’s barrier function. The skin barrier is the skin’s defence against external threats.
If your skin is out of balance, you may notice it in different ways. One possible effect is that your skin’s structure may become coarser. Your skin may also peel or become tighter, and small lines may become more visible.
If your skin has an overproduction of oil, it is often shiny and may also cause problems with acne.

With SkinPlan’s ABC method, you can find out the status of your skin’s barrier function and obtain the SkinPlan products you need to achieve a perfect balance. When your skin is in balance, it doesn’t need to work on trying to repair itself. Instead, your skin can focus on what it should be doing, such as producing collagen and providing protection against irritating substances such as allergens and microbes.

The company New Medic Era, which has developed SkinPlan, specialises in medical devices for improving, healing, protecting and repairing the skin.
New Medic Era operates throughout the world and can be found at clinics that work with aesthetic medical treatments. The company was founded in 2004 and holds patents, develops and manufactures proprietary products.

Martina Richter, CEO of New Medic Era, has developed SkinPlan and the patented Sun Control.